What is Big Tent Republicans?

Big Tent Republicans PAC was founded by Anton “Tony” Lazzaro as a unique group dedicated to broadening the base and appeal of the Republican Party to a new and diverse generation of Americans.

Currently, Democrats lead voter registration nationwide with 40% to 29% Republican, and 28% Independent. Republican numbers within minority groups are far more dismal with Democrats often having 3-to-1 advantages among Black and LGBT voters. Big Tent Republicans PAC’ mission is to tackle this disparity and grow the Republican Party within minority communities who we feel have been misled by the Democratic left and its policies.

We already see the impact of low Republican identification with minority groups on a national scale. Just 15 years ago States with large non-white populations such as Nevada and Colorado were reliably Republican and today they are reliably blue. Texas which is seen as the most Conservative state in the union has a Hispanic population that makes up 39% of the state. In 2018, Senator Ted Cruz could only capture 50% of the vote to barely win re-election. If Texas flips to blue, Donald Trump could be the last Republican president to step foot in the oval office.

The next few election cycles will define the future of the Republican Party for the next generation of voters. We MUST act now to preserve our party’s great values such as low taxes, less government regulations and less government in our daily life. We face an uphill battle that gets bigger every day in winning over many minorities as Democrats continue to grow their overwhelming support of African American, Latino, Asian, LGBT, and single women voters.

Every company, civilization and party that grows complacent with the status qou always fails, and the Republican Party is no exception. To win today and tomorrow, we MUST begin the process of broadening the base of Republican party. A small increase in Republican identification among minority groups would change the national electoral map. “Just 20 percent African-American support for Trump would all but tear down Democratic-party presidential hopes for 2020.” – Nate Silver

Our goal is to see Republicans win today and win tomorrow. To do that Big Tent Republicans PAC’s is taking the lead in broadening the support of Republican values and support candidates from minority communities to seek elected office at every level of government.

Anton "Tony" Lazzaro (Left), Founder & Director of Big Tent Republicans PAC

2018 Newly Elected US Congress Representatives

Democrats overwhelmingly elected far more women and minority candidates than Republicans in every recent election cycle, especially 2018.

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Who We Support

Big Tent Republicans proceeds go 100% to Federal candidate campaign committees, and independent expenditures for candidate we support.
We support 100% Republicans who are: Minorities, LGBT, and Female candidates across the country.

We do NOT spend generously donated funds on unneeded staff or fundraising. We believe in donating entirely to candidates to support real change in Washington.

Candidates whom Big Tent Republicans strives to support are similar to the fine individuals below.


Tim Scott

US Senator
R-South Carolina


Yvette Herrell

Fmr. US Congresswoman
R-New Mexico


John James

Candidate for US Senate


Mia Love

Fmr. US Congresswoman


Marco Rubio

US Senator


Lacy Johnson

R – Minnesota


Young Kim

R – California


Carl DeMaio

R – California


Wesley Hunt

R – Texas


Kendall Qualls


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